“The latest art place that sprouted”

I’m wearing a Markus Lupfer short sleeved jumper with a Hansel skirt which I have bought years ago. I matched it with my favourite Ann Demeulemeester nude lace up boots and a mini Mulberry alexa bag.
Gilman village has recently been transformed to an art haven which is now called Gillman Barracks. There are many interesting art studios waiting to be explored. You can spend one whole afternoon just walking through studios after studios. Of course, the trip can be shorten if you drive. I think driving is a better option because I did that….Not sure how it feels if you are actually walking this whole big area. Maybe full of perspiration while walking into each studio? Little bali bar & restuarant and Verve restaurant which I used to frequent are no longer here…sadly, but they make way for new restaurants just waiting for you to visit. So, if you are into giving yourself an afternoon of art exploration, visit the new Gilman Barracks.
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