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Any visit to Kaohsiung should not miss having a traditional Taiwanese breakfast at Xinglongju (興隆居). They are the cream of the crop for breakfast and have been serving since 1954, serving piping hot Shao bing you tiao (燒餅油條), with the most amazing steam pork buns and creamy original taste soy bean drink, you will start your day with the best filled tummy. Even if you are not interested to have your breakfast here, for any western tourist, it’s a great experience to feel the vibe and experience how breakfast is like in Taiwan.

Arriving at 9am is too late for many items on the menu are already sold out especially my favourite egg roll. Queue started at 5am every morning. I still manage to get my favourite Shao Bing, which is a flaky pastry topped with sesame seeds, and you can choose the fillings you will like in the pastry. I wanted to choose eggs for the fillings but it’s sold out so the next choice is you tiao (fried dough) . Of course, not to miss the pork bun and the yummiest soya bean drink. How smooth and fragrant the soya bean drink is, that will make the famous Taiwan Yong He Soy Bean ashamed. Yes, I’m not kidding, it’s really that good.


There are not many seats in the eatery so expect to wait for one after you queued to order your food. Alternatively, get your travelling partner/s to find a seat while someone else for the food. It’s always crowded, noisy, and the staff worked fast. Most people will go off after they finish their food. This is not a place to enjoy a leisurely morning breakfast.

Do remember to add your favourite sauces on the pastry you bought at the dipping station by the corner. Adding the soya sauce and green onion with the egg roll is a must.


To reach there: City Council MRT station Exit 1. Walk towards North East onto Ziqiang 1st Road, turn into Liuhe 2nd Road. It’s a walking distance from Liuhe Night Market.

Address 地址:Liuhe 2nd road 高雄市前金區六合二路186號
Operating hours 营业时间: 3am to 11am
Tel 電話:07-2616787