“These cherry blossoms”

There are many species of Cherry Blossoms around the world. I already encountered 2 different types just in Taipei City. This is another species called Prunus campanulata “Double -flowered” or sometimes known as Peony Cherry.



I saw these beautiful Cherry Blossoms while I am on my way to brunch at Dazzling Cafe in Xinyi Mitsukoshi. These Cherry Blossoms are so beautiful that you will want to stop and take a few pictures.


This outfit is inspired by Celine Resort 2013 collection below. I always like to find inspirations from designers and improvised. Wearing designer clothes top to toe with the same exact look right from the runway screams boredom. That’s my opinion. It seems that 2013 spring is all about graphic prints. Celine came out with polka dots for resort and Louis Vuittion came out with checks.

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I got my top from Zara and my bottom from H&M. All for maybe just 5% of the price of the full Celine outfit! To break the monotone look, and to prevent me looking like a diseased monster with dots all over me or maybe looking like a cow, I added a touch of blue feather as scarf and my cute Diane Von Furstenberg fuschia bag. Adding colours will add texture and depth to your dressing rather than a flat look.





This is the famous iconic buildling Taipei 101 in Taipei. Don’t you think it looked like Chinese takeaway boxes stacked together? LOL.


We arrived at Dazzling Cafe (Sunshine) x Hello Kitty 10 minutes before it opened and we are shocked to see a brunch of people already standing at the door waiting for it to open! I happened to arrive there early but I don’t think everyone there coincidentally reach too early too! Can’t believe how popular this place is. I was at the Cafe one day before at 4pm and the counter ladies said the wait for a table is 1 hour. I don’t want to wait so I thought I can just pop by the next day earlier for brunch. This is indeed a surprise to find people queuing up and hoping to be the first customer of the day!


Look at the queue and the number of people! This queue formed the moment the doors of Mitsukoshi departmental store opened as Dazzling Cafe is located inside the store. That’s my mum with her wide grin! She is second in line!


Dazzling Cafe partnered together with Hello Kitty to come up with this themed cafe. Therefore, you can find some Hello Kitty merchandise (scream for Hello Kitty fans), and super cute Hello Kitty cupcakes.





Only in Taiwan, you can find strawberry milk tea. I am so in love with all the milk tea beverages in Taiwan, and I will not hesitate to order a pot whenever I’m in a cafe. This place served one of the best strawberry milk tea. The texture is creamy and smooth, it has a smooth aftertaste on the palate and there are even fresh strawberry bits in the tea. I attempted to make this tea myself using strawberry jam and evaporated milk but I failed. If anyone can help provide receipe how to make this tea, I will be super grateful.


And this is the famous honey toast that Dazzling Cafe is popular for. There is custard cream, honey and butter inside the toast. I won’t say that the taste give a “wow” effect but it’s still worth a try, even just for the sake of picture taking. If you asked me whether I will eat it again, my answer is still yes. So, be sure to pop by this place if you happen to be in Taipei. Remember to make reservations at least one day before or be like me, become one of the first customer of the day. Dazzling Cafe served lunch food such as pasta and sandwich too, so you can go there for lunch and the toast as dessert.



After a full meal at Dazzling Cafe, we saw the pretty Agnes B cafe in Taipei 101 building with my favourite icon – The Rabbit. I have a weakness for anything rabbit. And of course, there I was, posing a picture with my favourite animal. The pastries in Agnes B cafe looks delicious too but my tummy can’t fill anymore food. Perhaps I will come again and try Agnes B cafe food one day.



Thank you for reading my post. XOXO.

Wearing: ZARA SHIRT, H&M PANTS, VALENTINO heels, DITA Sunglasses, Diane Von Furstenberg BAG and BLUE FEATHER SCARF from a random shop in Taipei night market

Dazzling Cafe (Sunshine) x Hello Kitty
A11, Xinyi Mitsukoshi 2FL
Tel: (02) 2723 0767

MRT: Taipei City Hall

Operating hours:
11AM- 11PM (last order 10PM)
Fri/Sat 11AM-12AM (last order 11PM)

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