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“A follow up IPL session which doesn’t made me associate with pain.”

Following up on my second Brazilian IPL session after 1 month (you can read about the first session here), I choose Beauty Emporium for my next treatment location. Strip encourages using the same therapist for all sessions so the regrowth can be monitored. But since I am sharing my experience, I thought it will be beneficial to read about my session at Strip Dempsey outlet which has a completely different vibe compared to the city stores.

Needless to say, the Dempsey branch has a more relaxed ambience. It’s part of Beauty Emporium which houses the fabulous Spa Esprit, providing massages, facials, manicure & pedicure, beauty treatments plus retailing of various beauty products. Strip is located at one far end of Beauty Emporium, while the other opposite end sits Spa Esprit. With the spacious environment, decorated with an interesting odd mix of retro and modern furnitures, you will feel as if being transported to another world. Immediately, I’m glad I choose Dempsey branch for my second session.

Through the month, whenever I feel uncomfortable with the regrowth I will use the “Ice Cream” lotion especially formulated by Strip as an aftercare moisturiser. I’m pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the lotion. It provides immediately comfort to dry skin and stops any skin irritation immediately after application. I was told that many swears by this “Ice Cream” lotion as a relief for any skin issues. Now I understand why. Basically, what bothers me often is the pricking stub of the regrowth whereby the hair follicles remain strong. There are some where the follicles have became weak and the hair strand drops away. And that is the effect of IPL, weakening the hair follicles.

Standing at the Strip counter, I gave my name and the counter ladies immediately recognise my appointment. Great service. I was also offered a nice cup of tea to calm the mind and body before starting my session.

My appointed therapist showed me to my treatment room which has a nice window with a view of trees and greenery, offering natural daylight into the room. This is the huge difference between the Raffles City outlet and Dempsey outlet. Most people will prefer a room with daylight and I’m no exception. As usual, the first step before the session begin is to use the wet wipes to prepare for the treatment. Strip therapist adhere to 10 strict in-house hygienic processes for each IPL treatments. Once I’m ready, the therapist enters the room and put on her disposable gloves and masks, using disposable razor to shave away the new growth. Everything is disposable to ensure the highest standard of hygiene.  The shaving experience is exactly the same as how I felt in the first session, under very skilled hands. I have to compliment that their training has done well, although I’m handled by a different therapist, the feeling of the session is consistent. Just like how it’s like to grade a michelin star restaurant. Consistency is the key. And the hardest to master.

Before I knew it, the whole session is over and I actually wish it can last longer. The room is so comfortable, the partial daylight from the window and the comfy treatment bed made me wish I can stay longer.

The lovely quirky mix of furnitures welcomes you as you walk towards Strip.

“Let there be light”

Calming to soul as I looked out towards the light that peeps through the window while the therapist continues with the treatment.

Finishing my 30minutes session in this beautiful location relaxes my body and mind. It has been a stressful week for me and although this is not a massage session, but the gentle touch from the therapist, and the rolling effect of the IPL machine head felt like a short massage. It does sounds weird that I can treat an IPL session like a massage but it’s true that it’s this comfortable. Especially when the IPL head goes into circular motion various times for an area, making it felt like a massage.

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