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“Comfort is the key, lasting effect is the outcome”


[Warning: The following content may contain elements that are unacceptable for the underaged or too good to be true to certain readers. Reader discretion is advised.]

Do we do it for the men or we do it for ourselves? A question only you can answer to yourself. I do it because I’m lazy. I can’t swim. The thought of having my head in the water, hearing only the silence of my own breathing is deafening to my ears. Moreover I hate wearing anything that reveal my entire thigh. I have giant thighs and hips, thanks to the greatest gene from my Dad’s family. While the old folks will concur that I am blessed with child bearing hips. Yet no big hips match a tiny thigh sadly. Hence, always hiding my legs behind fabrics, I never see any need to do something to my “down there”.

Years passed, perhaps I’ve grown older and need more calmness in my life. I have sudden taken an interest or rather an addiction to chilling in luxurious beach resorts. Usually, in resorts, we lounge around the beach and swimming pool. Served with a constant query of, “Do you need more ice water?” or “Do you need a change of towel?”. And of course, I will be wearing some sort of swim wear. (Yes, I need to reveal my giant thighs).

My love for resorts overshadow the embarrassment of my shapeless legs and my fear of water. Although I still can’t swim, I have taken a liking to just walking in the pool. It’s actually is a good form of exercise due to the gentle resistance from the water. The walk worked out the legs acting together with a little form of cardio exercise. Extremely grateful for private pools too since they are often just a lap pool, and there’s no need for anyone to know how to swim in that tiny tank of water.

Right before any resort trip, I have to make a visit to the waxing salon. It’s painful and I loathed it. But I need to look decent in my swim wear. I won’t be able to live with myself if there’s any sight of hair peeking through my swim wear. If that happens, you can just throw me into the sea and let me die.

Waxing is extremely painful for me. My tolerance for pulling hair out in the significant area is unbearable. On top of that, waxing is not cheap and doesn’t last very long. Eventually, I resorted to tweezing the required area on my own. This is the best solution my tiny brain can come up with until I found out about painless Brazilian IPL at Strip from my friends.

No one volunteers to announce that they are going for a Brazilian IPL. And only when I start asking around, I realised I’m the last on the planet of my happy friends who has NOT gone for an IPL Brazilian treatment. (Seriously?!) Surprising, almost all my friends choose to get their IPL done at STRIP. I later get to find out why.

So, what exactly is IPL? IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) works by weakening hair follicles using a broad spectrum of light. This light energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and converted into heat energy, which weakens the hair follicles and the surrounding support tissues. Over a course of treatments, re-growth will eventually be reduced.


Why did most of my friends choose STRIP for their IPL session? I received the same good feedback of STRIP being the most painless IPL treatment in Singapore. Despite the higher price compared to other salon, the amount paid in exchange for comfort is worth it. I was extremely skeptical on the painless part. I have done IPL for underarms and face, it always feels like a zap of electrical current so when STRIP proudly called their Brazilian IPL treatment: Touch of comfort, I decided to gave it a try.

I choose to have my treatment done at the Raffles City outlet.

Prior to the treatment, after I having done the registration and signed the usual declaration form, I was given nice warm cup of hot chocolate top with mashmellows to calm the nerves.(How thoughtful) I won’t lie, but I’m scared shit. One: I am afraid of the pain. I was almost 100% sure I’m going to experience some electrical “zapping” feeling. Two: Hey, I need to strip…….. AKA removal of my undergarment and let the therapist do the necessary on the most sensitive part of my body. (Yikes!) Who won’t be nervous?


The word “Breathe” greeted me when I enter treatment room. Fun words such as “Soft landing” are written across the pillow cover and the word “cushy job” on a cloud shaped pillow on the wall induced a relaxed mood. This is my first time stepping into Strip and I totally love this quirky vibe. Compared to traditional salon where the treatment rooms are decorated in a very basic manner, the injection of these fun element does help make me feels less nervous.

The therapist followed me into the room, and she opened the really cute giant condom looking pack revealing 1 hygiene wipe, 5 IPL spatulas, 1 pair of disposable gloves, 1 razor cartridge, 3 cotton pads and 1 cotton bud. This is known as their IPL kit. STRIP is very strict on hygiene level, making sure each customer uses a sealed new pack every session. The therapist pulled out the hygiene wipe and requested me to wipe “my treatment area” before starting the treatment.


The therapist stepped out and waited for me at the door. I took the chance to take a few shot of the room, before I place my clothes in the cute cage-like cupboard with my handbag. Sorry folks! I can’t take any further photos without revealing my decency. So, I can only show you my “need a pedicure” badly feet. As I lie looking down only looking right at the covering towel and my feet, I called the therapist the step in.

When she came in, I started to feel nervous again. This is my very first time for a Brazilian IPL and I have no idea what to expect. The therapist tried to make me feel comfortable by chatting with me and explaining what she will be doing. She showed me the machine that will be used later, which is this big tower with what seems  like a vacuum cleaner head attached to it. I hear her laugh when I said it looked like a giant vacuum cleaner, which she explained with a proud tone, this machine is a state-of-the-art device called STRIP Powerpac which has the function of drastically weakening hair follicles with a 5cm applicator head. Most of the other salons will usually use a standard mid-market machine for Brazilian IPL, with a 3cm applicator, emitting a sharp bust of concentrated energy on any one area at a time, thus making the treatment painful with a stinging and biting sensation. STRIP Powerpac emits energy gradually and can be rolled over the same treatment area multiple times. The gradual heating system directs energy via multiple passes to accumulate the desired energy level to destroy hair follicles. This ensure that the treatment is more comfortable and effective, and it also lowers the risk of burns drastically. I was told that it will feel like a warm and soothing hot stone massage. STRIP Powerpack also comes with a special cooling system that further protect the skin from burns.

STRIP Powerpac is specially customised only for STRIP. It’s a product produced after extensive research by STRIP’s R&D team, gleamed from over 20 years of experience. I was also told that STRIP has performed over 800,000 IPL hair reduction treatments in 10 cities across the world.

The therapist said that I will be experiencing soon the Ferrari of IPL machine in a short while as STRIP Powerpac is the most expensive, top of the line range.  She assured me that a “Ferrari” definitely won’t hurt me at all and I’ll be enjoying the “ride”.  While she was explaining to me on the details of the machine, the therapist was skilfully shaving the treatment area. She was so gently that I’m impressed.

It’s very obvious that she has been doing this for thousands of time. When I asked about her skilfulness, she said that all STRIP therapist has to go through 8 weeks of professional training in an ITEC certified training centre. I now feel that I’m in safe hands after hearing about their certified training, Next, she applied the cooling gel (extremely cold!), but she said this gel is one of their best invention too. The gel helps to prevent the feeling of any pain and it does not need any waiting time, unlike the normal numbing gel we see in most other salons. Before I know it, the therapist is already using the STRIP Powerpac device on my skin, going in smooth circular motion. Initially, I thought she was still applying the cooling gel! Honestly, I felt a little ticklelish, because the motion felt more like a hot stone massage rather than the usual expectation of IPL “zapping” sensation.

Because per area, she needs to go through the circular motion several times due to the gradual built up of energy of the applicator, the time spent per area takes much longer. At the same time, she said that since the usage is much higher per customer, thus the applicator head needs to be changed more frequently than the conventional IPL head used in other salon. This explains why STRIP charges higher than anywhere else.

As this is my first Brazilian IPL session, I was advised to opt for “all off”, so that it can weaken all hair follicles. (I was told that the hair in this area is the most stubborn.) The applicator is gentle enough to glide through every sensitive part which you can imagine. I was pleasantly surprised that I don’t even feel a single tingling sensation throughout the entire process. It took around 40 minutes for the entire process to complete.

At the end of the treatment, the therapist applied “Ice Cream” (what a cute name) which is a moisturiser that helps to soothe and hydrate the skin. I was advised to use this “Ice Cream” after shower day and night to moisturize my skin. Again, the therapist highlight that “Ice cream” is a miracle smoothing cream that she can’t live without when she travels. “Ice cream” can be applied when you feel that you skin is dry or sensitive and immediately, you will feel relieved.


Overall, I’m very happy with the experience. My next appointment will be a month later (read about it here). In total, we are advised to at least take up 6 sessions to see the full effect.

STRIP Brazilian IPL is priced at $642 per session. For new customer (like me!), you are able to enjoy it at the rate of S$58 by quoting my name “JenniferG” to enjoy this promotion. Ends 31 August 2016.

Alternatively, you can click on this link to make a direct booking at this special rate. No promotion code required.

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