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When you crave for that caffeine high, and you feel like eating your skirt


I’m always a tea lover. Ice lemon tea, green tea, green tea latte, chai tea, pu er tea, passion fruit tea, tea and tea and more tea. But there are times, I crave for that coffee. As the craving hits, it’s like that pair of shoes that you can’t buy. As more and more days goes by without that kick from the caffeine in that hot smooth cup of coffee, you get desperate. You are willing to sell your clothes, your shoes, or go on your knees, you just need to get that cuppa.

That’s the story of my life. For that cup of caffeine. And I’m not talking about Starbucks. I’m talking about real good coffee brew. That exact temperature of boiling point, the precise measurement of beans for one cup, right down to the type of cup used.

As the cafe culture gets competitive, the selection of coffee increases, spoiling us of choices. Or perhaps too spoiled. That regular coffee from Starbucks no longer satisfy the cravings.

To feed that thirst, there is a commuting problem. One needs to weight the pros and cons before embarking on that journey to the coffee house. Is it worth to be sardined for one hour just to feed the caffeine thirst? Or maybe lying in bed sleeping away will be a better choice?

Many will say that Singapore is so small (only 718.3 km²), public transport are easily available. But I digress. How about getting ready to get out of the house? That takes minimum an hour. Waiting for public transport (especially a cab when it’s raining is nearing impossible). Reaching the coffee house only to find that you are number 20 in line. Finally all seated down, but there is no service. Yah, NO SERVICE. Or rather, you are now hired to clean the tables while you wait for your cup of brown.

Thank you coffee for doing this to me.


To conclude, I didn’t get my coffee fix from the Afternoon High tea at Colony (who will choose coffee when there’s amazing blend of tea from Tea Bone Zen Mind?)

And I stare at my skirt. The buttery smooth leather, dyed in flawless coffee brown. It looked like a big flat coffee spill wrapped around the lower part of my body. And I feel like licking my skirt. Only genuine leather rubs smooth on the skin. Like butter spreading on bread. Faux leather will never be a match.

Call me an avid collector of leather clothing. I have a collection. Leather never goes out of trend. It dates back to the Romans where they use leather for clothing, shoes and for making shields and harnesses. Spotting a good buy for genuine leather wear is an opportunity not to be missed. And this piece of skirt from Zara is the latest purchase while I travelling in Spain few months ago.

Coffee colour is considered a neutral. (or else, how can Louise Vuittion signature bag goes with everything?) I’ve combined it several times with a cream top (just like coffee with milk), with similar warm cinnamon brown tones, or with black (like coffee in a black cup).

Colours and dressing combinations inspirations can be drawn from the surrounding. That’s how I match my clothes. If in doubt, go back to the basics and see how nature has naturally combined the colours for us. Such as blue with cream (colour of sea and sand), or green with brown( the colour of woods).

Here, I feel like I’m that cup of coffee from The Coffee Academïcs. My light platinum blonde hair tips resembles the tint of milk. My top and shoes like the saucer and the cup holding that aromatic brew of coffee coloured skirt. And maybe I can say that my bag is the spoon.

I’m that caffeine thirsty. Yearning for that cup again from The Coffee Academïcs.

So pardon me, while I go back to my bed and dream of Coffee Academïcs. It’s raining again in this January weather. Just nice to cosy up in my white fluffy blanket.

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