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It’s winter in Taipei, just landed early in the morning at crack of dawn from a 4.5hours flight from Singapore. Took a few hours nap, not wasting anytime, off we drove to Kaohsiung (高雄; Gāoxióng).

The 355km drive takes around 3.5 – 4 hours depending on traffic. Taking highway 1, it’s a no brainer straight and easy drive to the southern part of Taiwan, passing by Taichung and Tainan. Click here for an overview of the drive on the map.

Other methods to travel to Kaohsiung from Taipei:

By Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR):
Taking the High Speed Rail from Taipei Main Station to HSR Zuoying Station (about 1.5-2 hrs), and then a short KRT ride from the (R16) KRT Zuoying Station Kaohsiung City area or just take the cab. HSR is the fastest, most preferred method to reach Kaohsiung. For more information on high speed rail schedule, you can visit the official website of Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR)

By Train:
Take train from Taipei Main Station to Kaohsiung Main Station (about 4.5-6hrs) and a short KRT ride from the (R16) KRT Zuoying Station Kaohsiung City area or the cab. For more information on train schedule, visit the official website of Taiwan Railways.

By Bus:
Taking the bus from Taipei Bus Station (adjacent to the Taipei Main Station) to Kaohsiung (5-6 hrs). This is the cheapest but the most time consuming travel method.

By cab hire:
This method is getting more and more popular where visitors booked a cab for the trip and stopover a few places. Some cab drivers are recommend by word of mouth or you can engage a service from theses companies Dingtaxi, Ezgotaiwan or Gotaiwan.

A brief background of Kaohsiung:

  • it’s Taiwan’s second largest city
  • Taiwan’s largest port
  • known as an industrial city
  • Kaohsiung city and county were merged into one giant metropolitan area in 2010

The government has worked hard to transform the city from the grim industrial image into a modern, tourist friendly city. Recent years, it is attracting more and more tourists to this comfortable climate and slower paced second largest city in Taiwan.

It’s been many years since I last travelled to Kaohsiung and I’m curious about the change. Our drive took us a total of 5 hours including a stopover for lunch in Miao Li (苗栗) and a visit to Shengxing Railway Station (勝興車站).

combi noodles

Miao Li, Taichung, Taiwan

For the growling tummy


Lai Xin Noodle Shop

A mid pitstop for a bowl of piping hot chewy noodles in Miao Li county, about 1 1/2 hour from Taipei City. This is a good place to stop for lunch if you are craving for simple home style noodles. Click here to read more. 



Tummy filled with all the yummy food from Lai Xin noodles, we drove a bit further up to visit the famous Sheng Xing(Hsing) Train Station 勝興車站. No visit to Sanyi would miss popping by this old train station. Driving pass the country road, the surrounding exude a sense of calm and nostalgia. There seems to be not much people around except farmers and vast land of vegetables. As we approach Sheng Xing Train Station, once again, we were greeted by massive amount of people and lots of cars. We couldn’t really find a space to park, so we took a 15 minutes stop over for some photos before we continue our journey.

combi shengxingrail

Miao Li, Taichung, Taiwan

For curious explorer

Shengxing Railway Station

An old railway station built in 1908, a period while Taiwan was under the Japanese rule. Now, a tourist attraction surrounded by buildings with reflective of its old Japanese architecture.  Click here to read more. 
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