Let’s talk about 12.12 Sales and Cyber Monday



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“Getting the most value from your purchases.”

This time of the year is about celebrating, adding calories into the body, spending more time with friends, and also lots of purchases. Spending money is partly for buying Chrismas presents and because of the allure of very good sales price.

Recent years, there is a huge rise in online shopping, due to increase confidence in online purchase. Even my mum who is not computer savvy start to purchase online.  The usual yearly Black Friday and cyber monday has also spread extensively online. Retailers have notice this trend and started gimmicky promotion such as 11.11, where all items goes at discounted price or at a very special price. After 11.11, there’s 12.12 for those who missed the november sale. 

During these sale time, personally I will look out for Christmas present to buy online. It’s really the best time to buy Christmas presents with so many items going on sale. At the same time, I will take note to find ways to get maximum savings and one of those ways ae from sites like Shopback that offer cash back where you can also get to explore great deals or presents at the site for 12.12 sales – and also not forgetting the upcoming CyberMonday sales too! So it pays to be prepared before the start of bog sales like this, keeping in mind to sign up with all these money saving sites to enjoy further discounts on top of discounts. It’s like receiving a small present after you purchase a present. I have written about shop back in this previous post if you are no aware what shop back is about. Basically, once you sign up with Shop back, you will want to keep using it to accumulate the a cash back amount as much as you can.

Shopping nowadays has evolved to be like a science. When we saw something we like to buy, we will search various sites for the best price of that particular item, after that look for additional coupons, discounts or rebates,  all in the name of getting the most value from the purchase. Now, with 12.12 or CyberMonday, we waited for that day to place my purchases. Shopping is no longer just a leisure activity if you want cost savings. This article provides some tips on shopping on days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday which I thought is an interesting read and tips sharing.

So, tell me, what are you eyeing for at the moment, and waiting for Cyber Monday or 12.12 sale?


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