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When things goes out of proportion, it starts to look better


Fashion now are about proportions and interesting cuts. One interesting micro trend this season is oversize cuffs shirts.

I have a shirt from Patrizia Pepe from so many seasons back that it can be considered vintage, that spotted this oversized sleeves. I love to keep clothes that has out-of-ordinary design, does not follow any trend but just a piece of beautiful of artwork. Good thing about it is that trends do come back and I can wear it again, the bad thing is, I have an exploding wardrobe. Anyhow, today, out of the squeezy closet and into the fresh air it is for this Patrizia Pepe pink stripped shirt.

I paired it with my trustworthy no fail one teaspoon denim shorts and a pair of comfy Schuzt booties, with the original plans to have some late lunch at Luxe Sydney only to find that they close at 3pm on a Sunday.


Walking down Keong Saik Road this time of the week, the whole place seems deserted. About 90% of the restaurants are close on Sundays and the only place I see buzzing with some life is Potato Head Folks. It’s my second visit to this colourful whacky dining hole that serves mainly burgers.


Potato Head Folk is managed by the same group that operate the internationally acclaimed ‘Potato Head Beach Club’ in Bali. Singapore is their first international venture and the concept is to create a home away from home with a central theme of whimsy childlike murals filling up the walls accompanied with fun and cute sculptures spread across the all levels.

There are total 4 levels of food and entertainment. Starting with the 1st (alfresco) and 2nd level (main dining hall) that holds the Three Buns Dining Kitchen serving casual american fare of burgers, milkshakes and hotdogs. Click here for details on the menu. 3rd and the roof top level opens only from 5pm onwards where Studio1939 Lounge starts serving drinks.


Today, I ordered The Gangster Style Dogg with a bowl of Sicilian green olives imported from Italy and a hazelnut milkshake featured in the picture below. I’ve tried the burger previously and thought I will give the hotdog a try today. I will rate the food here as average, similar standard as Potato Head in Bali. But for a quick bite on a Sunday at Singapore’s chic eatery street Keong Siak street, Potato Head Folks is a nice choice. That is if you are looking for a quiet place to chill and not concern about getting a fulfilling meal. (But I do wish this premise faces the ocean like the one in Bali. But it will also means this place will be packed to the max every weekend)


I’ve a few large cuff shirt inspiration street photos below, proving that this micro trend is going strong. Pairing it with a jumper and blazer over it gives a new element and proportion to the sleeves. Everything is kinda of out of proportion or asymmetrical nowadays. With bell sleeves trend, a side-drooped skirt hem, oversized shirts, etc. I’m finding my wardrobe too straight…..Perhaps it’s time to spring clean my clothes again……..

(PS: Sorry that I’m paled face in all the shots. I was too lazy to wear any makeup on a Sunday, but a nice pair of sunnies can hide all flaws.)

Wearing: One teaspoon Bandits denim shorts,  Schutz Akemi Suede Booties, Celine Sunnies and a bare faced smile 🙂 


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  1. Aldora February 25, 2016 at 10:56 pm

    Awesome outfit and that building looks so so vintage!! Perhaps I should give that place a visit soon 🙂 thanks for sharing Jenn 💞

    xoxo, Aldora
    Aldora Muses – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Instagram

    • blackivory@gmail.com February 27, 2016 at 4:45 pm

      Thanks Aldora for the sweet comment. Yes, if you are in Chinatown area, you can pop by this pretty cafe to try their burgers.

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