29 . 08 . 15

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Earlier in the day,the place was crowded with tourist. The atmosphere is cheerful, sunny and lively. But this is also the place where I was surrounded by 5 gypsies ladies, and within a minute, the wallet in my bag is no longer mine.  What I heard from the police is these thieves usually target tourist and especially Chinese tourists as Chinese are well known to carry huge amount of cash. I’m Asian, thus, I become their target, unfortunately.  After 20 minutes in the sun talking to the police officers, then another 2 hours at the nearby police station, it was already 3pm. The only designation I can think of after making the report the station was to head to Hermes to get a new wallet.  Shopping in Hermes, Paris is another ordeal that I am not sure whether to hate or to love. Hermes Paris stores have the most stocks but queuing up for hours just to be served is terribly frustrating.  Anyway, fast forward my shopping experience in Hermes, here I am, back at the same spot where the unfortunate happened, and I thought it’s a good reminder to take a photo at this spot.  Before the sun goes into hiding, I spin a last dance on the road to bless Paris with love and hope that all tourists will be careful with their belongings and may all these thieves be brought to justice.

Wearing: Alice McCall top and skirt, Forever 21 sandals, and pearls necklace worn as a bracelet.

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