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“One needs to be savvy and hardworking to score the best deals”

Everyday, I walked past these Shopback banners on my way to work. The huge banners covering the entire pillars and walls of City Hall MRT station, so big that even the blind won’t missed it. Day after day, seeing these banners, I changed from being oblivious to being curious what exactly is Shopback.

So, on one of my rare free days, I went onto Shopback website. Granted, the website design looks like it desperately needs a good design company and one will wonder if everything on that site is legitimate. I have my doubts too, but being able to afford such huge advertising banners in the busiest MRT station in Singapore, I guess no company will have so much spare cash to be a scam.

After some research, I found out that Shopback is actually a Singapore-based commerce company founded in April 2014. Since then, Shopback has been expanding into Indonesia, Taiwan and The Philippines. Shopback is also supported by National University of Singapore (NUS) Enterprise in both infrastructure and resources.

I’ve also found out that Shopback was featured in quite a few articles:

To my surprise, it’s even listed on Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, ShopBack was awarded Vulcan Post’s ‘Most Promising Startup To Look Out For In 2015’ in the Reader’s Choice Awards poll in 2014 and at the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation’s (SITF) Awards Ceremony held in October 2015, ShopBack was awarded twin accolades, bagging the silver award for the Best Innovative Infocomm Product (Consumer) and the gold award for the Best Innovative Start-up (Growth Stage).

With all these background confirmation, I believed Shopback should be 100% legitimate at this point in time.



In simple terms, online merchants pay Shopback a commission for every successful purchase/referral. Instead of keeping the full commission, it passes a portion of it to their Shopback users. This will encourage users to spread the benefits of using Shopback, thus, increasing their customer base, resulting Shopback to have more bargaining power to invite and partner with more online merchants, whereby these merchants will be generate more sales via Shopback. Shopback also act as an advertising platform for these merchants to drive sales to their site by shortlisting some of the merchant’s top products on the Shopback landing page. With more merchants partnering with Shopback, end users will have more choices and receive more savings, and the cycle will go on, whereby everyone will gain.  Shopback’s model is indeed effective at all levels and has very good growth prospect.

I’m convinced and I gave it a try. I was planning on getting my mum a Mother’s Day present on Reebonz and it is also one of the many partners on Shopback, I decided to test my first cash back using the Reebonz link on Shopback.

What I read on the Shopback rules is I need to stay on all the redirected tabs/popups until the entire transaction is completed in order to receive my cash back. And so I did.


Step 1: Sign up for free on the site

Step 2: Shop at the list of merchants that partnered with Shopback

Step 3: Accumulate your cash back with earnings up to 30%

Step 4: Cash out real cash into your bank account

If you prefer to see a video versions of how Shopback works, click here.


In order to receive any gains, there must be something that you need to give. This is the law of the world which I came to understand. In this case, you need patience to receive cashback from Shopback. There are 3 stages to go through before you receive the final payout.

After making the purchase using the Shopback referral merchant link, I need to wait around 1-5 days before I receive an email indicating the latest transaction and “pending” category would reflect the cash back amount.

The waiting time needed to convert from “pending” stage to “redeemable” will depend on the merchant. In my experience, it varies from 1-2 months before the cashback is redeemable.

This is the happiest stage where after the long wait, you see that all your cash back are converted to “redeemable” status. But there is a catch. You need to have at least $10.01 in order to request for a payout. And bonus earned via referrals does not contribute to this $10.01.

If you do the calculation, in order to reach this $10.01 amount, you need to have at least waited for 1-2 months and have shopped at various merchants using the Shopback referral link. When you are finally eligible for the payout,  you will be able to click on the “Request payout” button, which will prompt you to provide your bank account number or paypal details for Shopback to credit to payout.

Then another 1 to 2 weeks wait before I finally see my first payout of $15.25. In total, the process of purchase to waiting for status from “pending” to “redeemable” to final payout took around 1.5 months, but I was really happy. It seems like my experiment payoff and Shopback works.


On top of merchants, Shopback also provide the latest online shopping coupons or vouchers for you to enjoy a discount. Besides the cash back that you will be receiving, shopping at the sites where voucher/ coupon codes are available, you get double rewards of both the coupon promotion and cash back. Which means even more savings when you grab the latest Zalora coupons or shop during a Sephora sale you found out via Shopback. You can also click here to view more coupons/ vouchers promotion during this Great Singapore Sale.

In conclusion, if you are still skeptical about using Shopback, you shouldn’t, because it totally worked for me. And if you are someone who likes to receive the best deals, enjoy the most savings, and still too lazy to sign up, you should think again, because just one step, and you can enjoy cash back on many online sites. Most importantly, you can enjoy these cash back on top of the coupons you use on on the merchant sites, plus your existing credit card cash back rebates (if you have any). Stay smart, be hardworking, savvy and save more!

I hope you will find the above tips and information useful, and helped provide some savings for you. Do note that this post is base purely on my own experience using Shopback from May till July 2016, and all information is correct as on date of blog post. I should not be held responsible for any other experience you encounter on Shopback if it differs from my post above.

Lastly, in order to save the ordeal of navigating through the aesthetically not pleasing Shopback website, I’ve listed a few of my favourite merchants referral links which you can just click directly and bookmark my page.

Enjoy shopping and savings!

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