Sheng Xing (Hsing) Railway Station Sanyi, Taichung, Taiwn

22 . 02 . 16


Tummy filled, and since we are in the area, we popped by the famous Sheng Xing Railway Station. Driving there wass pretty easy as we followed a one straight countryside inner road.

If you are travelling there by public transport, just take a train to Sanyi train station (三義车站) and grab a taxi to bring you to Shengxing Railway Station directly.

Above photo is the start of the Sheng Xing railway station house, which is also the beginning of the Sanyi Old Street. Any old street in Taiwan will definitely be lined with shops and eateries, so this street is no exception. Perhaps I’m lazy or because it looks like any other old street in Taiwan, I skipped walking around and head straight to view this old abandon railway track.

Sheng Xing Station was completed in 1906. It was once the highest train station in Taiwan at an altitude of over 402 meters. You can observe the fine carpentry works of the Japanese during that era where the railway station was built entirely of wood in Japanese style

without using a single nail. With such fine workmanship, the station house is still in good shape withstanding earthquakes and the harsh weather till now which is almost a 100 years later.

This railway line was part of a 15.9 km line that traveled over 9 different mountains. The railway was first started by the Japanese to ship camphor wood out of the surrounding mountains as well as freight good such as fruits, coal and other necessities. It was later it was used for public transportation.

There are 7 tunnels and 3 bridges near this station. Most people venture to explore the main tunnel near Shengxing Station. Totalling 726 meters in length, with no lighting except the glow from the opening at the other end, this is one rare place to experience walking through a tunnel in darkness. I didn’t have time for the walk, so off we go towards our destination Kaohsiung.

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