“A weekend casual with an ending with comfort food, and that is enough to make me happy”


Sometimes, when I can’t think of anywhere to go in Singapore, I will head towards Arab street. There are always some hidden gems to be found there. Sometimes, it’s crystals, or some nice fabric. It’s always a surprise what you can find there.

Today, I cross over to Haji Lane, just next to Arab street, strolling the line of shops catered to the young and trendy. It’s been a while since I’m here the last time, and there are many new shops popping up last few years. Spending a few hours here on is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. And of course, being in Singapore, it’s very hot and humid. You need to be prepared to sweat a little while you walk along Arab street and Haji lane. Thus I’m wearing a tee and shorts to brave the heat.

All these photos are taken using my iphone. Wasn’t planning to take any pictures that day so didn’t bring out the camera.



I got these shorts from H&M at a great steal for S$29.90! It resemblance Isabel Marant S/S13 print collection but at a fraction of the price.


On my feet are my favourite heels from Dolce and Gabbanna. Comfy, glamourous and easy to match.



I caught this cute little cat looking curiously at a passing stranger. And yah, I do wonder why quite a few of my posts always have some form of animals? Hmmmm…..



I ended my evening with a nice dinner in Pete’s place at Grand Hyatt Singapore. Pete’s place has been around since 1973, which is almost 40 years already! This shows great food can surpass the test of time.

Pete’s place can be easily missed as it’s located down at the basement with a flight of stairs leading to the restaurant. The decor of the place is warm ,with brick walls and red checkered table cloth.

While I was there, the restaurant is running a special of Lombardy cuisine, by guest chef Loris Pistillo from Spasso of Grand HyattErawan Bangkok. The captial of Lombardy is Milan, and the food in this region is heavily based on rice, beef, butter and lard. It has a distinct lack of olive oil and tomato, unlike the typical Italian cuisine.

I choose a fried seafood fritter as starter.


Chef Loris Pistillo is most famously known for his Pumpkin Risotto, Smoked Duck Ragù and Balsamic Glazed Shallots. This dish won “Best Risotto” at the Eurofood Mediterranean Fair in Bangkok in 2011. The risotto has an interesting 2 burst of flavors. Upon the first bite, it has a very flat taste, then a second bite, you get to taste the strong taste of the duck, and the final taste is a very well blended and rounded taste. This is a first for me to experience such a complex mixture of taste in a risotto dish. No wonder the dish won the award. Usually, I can’t finish a full plate of risotto but chef Loris Pistillo made it so well that you won’t feel that that the risotto is too cheesy or heavy.


The next dish I tried is the handmade pasta with cabbage. This is a first for me to taste pasta mixed with leafy vegatables. The palate is very interesting as it’s quite light and bland yet there is the sweet savoury taste from the butter and cheese. The entire dish is very well balanced and it makes you feel you are eating something real healthy with the greens in the pasta.


Lastly I ended it with Country Chocolate Pine Nut Cake as dessert. Chef Loris Pistillo based all his desserts on what he has during his childhood days. And the result is a rustic and homecooked selection of sweets that is not often found in restuarants. I love desserts with such flavors.


Pete’s place also serve set dinner, a wonderful selection of a la carte lunch and dinner as well as a wonderful buffet lunch. I will provide more details next time. Thanks for dropping by.

Pete’s Place in Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road Singapore 228211

Lunch: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, daily
Dinner: 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm, daily
Sunday Brunch: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm

Please call +65 6732 1234

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