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“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
– Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

The mystery of life remains a secret and there’s a secret part of each person’s life that we selfishly want to keep to it ourselves. Or rather, to the extreme of having double life.

In a very deep sense, to be clear of one self, one needs to hold a secret. It feels good to hold a secret, to reassert our identity as someone apart, especially during the times we felt we are losing ourselves in our social group, work, or relationships. Psychologist have acknowledged the ability to hold a secret as central to healthy development as such children staying quiet on a birthday present to their mum.

Sometimes, one needs to step out of their daily life for a while, and take a break to be another person. In the past, the most common method is to take a vacation to somewhere, or to go a new country to be someone else. In the current era, of this computer age, all we have to do to assume another identity online or multiple identities in multiple chatrooms.

For some, it’s inventing a new identity in real life simulation games such as SIMS. Perhaps it brings some sort of comfort to act to have another life that one would have given a second chance. Or perhaps escaping to the imaginary world of assuming another identity brings relief to the burdens of responsibility in reality.

In the world of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchats, blogs and social media, sometimes, I wonder whether everyone is living a secret life through technology. The desire to portray a prefect life. Seeking approval from the internet audience. It boosts one’s self esteem and it represents success. Social media is the perfect platform  to announce to the world what the world wants to view success as. A platform to prove that one has made it in life. Material gains, great social life, popularity, glitzy lifestyle. The thirst of wanting others to envy.

There was once, when I was on a villa tour in one particular Aman Luxury Resort, I saw a family of 5, the father and mother with 3 children in the showroom villa. They are not interested in looking at the facilities of the villa nor showed any intention of booking a night at the villa. Instead, they are busy requesting the hotel staff to help them take photogrpahs in the villa. They posed as if they are indeed already staying in the villa, lounging by the pool, sitting on the villa bed, etc. Next I can see the mother editing the photos on her phone, and preparing to post them onto a social media platform.

It’s amazing that a simple act of photo capture and posting it on a social media will bring a deep sense of psychological meaning. Do you call this abuse or a total lie? Or can say it’s just for entertainment? I can’t even see the grey line. Over a prolong period of constant similar action, sinking deep into this self-created fantasy identity on social media, will one loses oneself? I will like to call this created world “The Secret Garden”.


A garden filled with only beautiful blooms that never wilt. Of perfect bright sunny weather. Save from the harsh reality of the struggles of life. Everything in this garden is perfect. A garden built with secrets and imagination. As Oscar Wilde quoted, “The commonest thing is delightful if only one hides it.”

You will want to ask, do I have a Secret Garden?

secret garden text
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From this little Secret Garden, I’ve got to know the lovely Ms Aggy Low, founder of Tact.sg. Her first self-designed capsule collection called SLATE by TACT was launched beginning of January 2016, where there will be 4 different series in a year. Each design is carefully crafted of best quality in fabric and workmanship, launched in monochromatic colours and timeless design.

Privileged to don on the Adauré Off-Shoulder Peplum Top from SLATE by TACT first capsule collection, I paired this piece casually with white shorts to mimic a romper. This top hides every imperfect part of the upper body (unless you have fat shoulders) and accentuate the waist. For the past few seasons, we have seen off shoulder and drop shoulder attires striding down the runway, and this micro trend is going to continue this year. With more interesting asymmetrical versions. If you have slim shoulders and a nice collar bone, this trend is going to favour you.

Since Spring/Summer 2015, this pair of Rodarte heels remains my favourite. It’s the cousin to the famous Ann Demeulemeester lace ups. The versatility of lace up heels are limitless and who gets tired of lace ups? This Rodarte heels adds a touch of grunge to the outfit. Never underestimate how shoes can affect the total look. Paired with fail proof Celine sunnies and Chanel slouchy sling bag.

Effortless chic done.


Wearing: SLATE by TACT peplum top, Zara shorts, Celine sunnies, Chanel bag, Rodarte Heels

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