Let’s talk about photography today.



The photos in this post was taken just 10 minutes after the purchase of the new lens. Was too excited to try it immediately. Before I go into the topic of fashion, I will like to tell all of you fashion bloggers to go out now and buy yourself a 50mm F1.8 lens if you haven’t have one. I was pulling my hair, figuring out why I can’t get the nice blur background photos that lots of professional fashion bloggers have on their blogs. And finally, like god sent, a friend whom love photography asked me whether I have this lens while we were discussing how to take landscape photos (thank you, thank you for being curious, my dear friend) and that’s when I feel as if someone just slap me on my head. Why didn’t I have this lens all these time?!! Urghhhh…yes,yes, I admit I’m lazy and not bothering to do thorough research on lens.

When I found out this secret, I march out (almost immediately!) to buy one. Even the shop seller told me that this lens is cheap and good. One of the most value-for-money lens. (thank you shop uncle for making me feel like a total idiot again, after taking photos for so many years) The lens cost merely $150 at most, depending on where you get it. (In Singapore, most of the shops that sell cheaper camera accessories are located in Peninsular Plaza, Funan Shopping Center or Sim Lim Square. Don’t go major departmental stores to get camera accessories, it’s just not worth it.)

Why a 50mm?
It has a lower aperture of 1.8, allowing more light to comes in and gives photos a blur background.
It’s cheap.
It has a fixed focal length thus, it’s easy to use if you are an armature in taking photos.
Good additional lens for low light photos due to lower aperture.
Light and small, easy to carry around.
The fixed focal lengths means you need to move your body to take the photos.
The crop is very tight thus it’s hard to take certain photos that need a wide angle.

There, I’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages for you to judge whether you need this lens. You can read further here. So, if you do not have any lens that can give you a lower aperture of 1.8, you can consider getting a 50mm, before spending thousands of dollars in the more expensive lens.

Enough of my ranting, and back to fashion. Did I just stress you or shall we continue on distress jeans? Hmmmm…

There’s something sexy about torn jeans. It’s like teasing you with the tiny tear in the jeans. In the olden days, wearing torn clothes signifies that you are very poor, thus, it’s a stigma to wear anything that has holes and looks torn. Isn’t it ironic that we need to pay money to get torn clothes now? The difference in modern day dressing is we will glam up a pair of torn jeans with a clean crisp shirt or a detailed top and sexy heels, creating a contrast and interesting mix. Here, I mix my Zara distress jeans with a cocktail top by Max Mara. The details on this top is amazingly hand sewn.

The photo below is an example of how great the depth of field (blur background) this lens can create. I wasn’t wearing a single bit of make up in all these photos because I didn’t intend to take any fashion pictures, so, please pardon my pale looking ghost like face in all the photos.


These photos with the black background are first few test shots using the new 50mm lens and my old canon 50D camera. I thought I should give it last few good shots before I say goodbye to this old camera.


Thank you for reading and wishing everyone a wonderful stress free week.

Wearing: Max Mara Embroidered Top , Zara Distress Jeans, Marc Jacobs Mouse Flat similar here, Vita Fede bracelets,Chopard Watch, Chanel Iphone Case (you can get them at the stalls in Scape in Singapore)


  1. Theresa.Chung November 13, 2014 at 11:52 am

    《3 i got a camera and 3 types od lens but dont know anything about that hahah
    love this style! Loving that cute bag. Phone case bag? Looove~~

  2. Theresa.Chung November 13, 2014 at 11:53 am

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    This girl does it right! #asianblogger <33

  3. blackivorystyle November 13, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    Thanks babe for reposting my blog. Do go and get yourself a 50mm. U wont regret it. N yah, tat bag is a handphone case 🙂 2 in 1. Hehe

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