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“Alice:How long is forever? White Rabbit:Sometimes, just one second.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


I haven’t taken an interest in watches ever since I started my first job and got myself my dream Chopard watch. And then my next dream watch is kinda beyond achievable as it has too many diamonds embedded in solid gold. And I was pleasantly surprised when I chance upon a Christian Paul watch. It’s an Australian brand and you know me, I love Australian design anything.

What caught my fancy about this watch is the trending marble face in enamel and the metal strap is interchangeable with Italian leather straps to easily create a different look each time. I choose the white marble face with rose gold stainless steel mesh strap and thought I will purchase the leather strap later. Everything that I currently love is in the watch: marble, mesh, rose gold.
And I totally love that it comes in 43mm diameter which is perfect for wearing it as a statement accessory. The free delivery worldwide service is super efficient and easy.

The watch is so easy to pair the watch with any outfit. I wore it with denim casual as well as luxury sophisticated and it goes well with both look. I love how the statement rose gold timepiece brings out a little interest on the wrist, and I do not need to wear any further accessories.

And should I highlight that the watch is very comfortable to wear as it’s very light and I can’t emphasise how great the quality is. I surprise myself when I automatically reach for this Christian Paul watch instead of my usual Chopard or Tag Huer watch. My sub conscience has convinced myself that fashion watches are comparable to high jewellery watches too. I’m aware that there are many competitive similar watches in the market but who makes all the trending elements in one? With such beautiful marble and rose gold mesh. I can’t ask for more.

There are more designs from the collection such a trendy grid face, or the luxe collection with little crystals embedded in the watch face, or the classic raw collection. If I can afford, I wish I can purchase them all. You can view the entire collection via this link.

Let me know if you purchase them and tell me what you think by leaving some love in the comments box. Thanks all for reading. I will be heading to Indonesia next week and will be heading to pack my luggage after this post. Add me on snapchat @blackivory to follow me on the trip!


Wearing Acne shirt from a few year ago, one teaspoon denim shorts, Hermes So Kelly bucket bag and Christian Paul White Haven Marble Metal Mesh in Rose Gold

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