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There’s a changing trend in Magazines ever since Kinfolk came into the picture. No longer are readers satisfied with reads filled with editorials, advertisements, photographs and stories. Or shall I say, we get bored of it. Since a few years back, I’ve not been buying much magazine. Gone are days where copies of Elle and Vogue magazines stacked by my bedside table after I discovered online subscription which is actually cheaper. It’s such a great relief that I can now decorate my bedside table with Instagram worthy items and clutter all my reading space into megabytes.

Clever folks from Kinfolk decided to invade my bedside table where the prints are just too beautiful to be kept in digital file. The magazine is Instagram worthy too. What a 2-1, thus worth the penny on the hard print.

And then I came across Vulture Magazine. It’s concept is similar to Kinfolk or Cereal Magazine but it centres around fashion, exploring contemporary culture and emerging talent, with beautiful photography on every page. Produced only every quarterly.

The Vulture team has kindly invited me to their launch of March Issue 15 in conjunction with the launch of NARS Velvet Matt Skin Tint which I get the opportunity to find out more on Vulture when I spoke with one of the founder cum managing editor cum art director Clifford Loh. He is one amazing guy that plays so many roles yet he elude a relaxed and calm demeanour. When he explained about Vulture, I can see all the passion he has for this magazine in his eyes. With such a devoted, passionate guy behind this magazine, Vulture will definitely be going places in the years to come.

Clifford explained that Vulture magazine will keep advertisements as little as possible so that readers will enjoy reading the well written articles and beautiful photography with minimal distraction. It’s aim is to be a design magazine that the reader can keep for years. Like a piece of carefully curated artwork. (of course, he did mention his magazine is Instagram worthy too)

This March issue is also their first exploration of focusing an entire issue on beauty. Thus the collaboration with NARS Cosmetic. I got to see their demonstration of using their newly launched Velvet Matt Skin Tint SPF 30 and did get to sample it myself.

NARS is one of my favourite go to brands for cosmetics and I especially love their Velvet Matt Lip Pencil. Now they launch the skin tint that gives a light coverage, easy to apply and a soft-matt finish, just like their lip pencil. Applying it on my skin, it gave an instant shine and evenness to the skin tone. I love that it’s not too dry or too oily. Laura Mercier, my daily make-up base, you are now threatened by NARS. (hmm, or I’ll just be kind enough to rotate using both of them) I love a light make-up base, as I have very dry skin and BB- Cream just don’t seem to sit too well on my skin. NARS Matt Skin Tint is a great product for folks with a skin that loves to breathe a lot like mine.

Well, this is not a sponsored post so go on, give it a try if you are looking for a smooth make up base. Tell me if you love this light skin tint. (for folks who love thick BB-Cream coverage, I suggest you just stick to BB-Cream coz I don’t you want running after me for giving wrong advice 😛 )

And of course, next time when you are in a cafe, pick up a Vulture Magazine and see if you like it enough to subscript to it. Let’s support this creative venture by team of fellow Singaporean. I’m proud that our surging art scene has brighter future, especially with the support of our government. No more days of glimmering  unappreciated artwork. (cross fingers!)

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You can read see more of this event and Vulture magazine here.
All photos taken with iPhone 6s (I know… it’s amazing quality isn’t it?)

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